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Five years ago I had three small children under the age of seven at home and finding time to write was difficult. I needed to make the time to write. With that goal in mind, I went looking for a writing group in my area. Unfortunately, at that time every writing group I found was critique based and I didn’t have the energy to do homework. I just needed a regular writing date with myself. So I created one. I started my own group that does not involve critique, but offers a judgement free, encouraging environment for writers to take chances and grow. 


Write It Up! has since evolved from a weekly chance to reconnect with the rhythm of writing to a tool that allows myself and fellow writers to grow together. By getting out of our comfort zone and stretching writing muscles through collaboration we have shared an amazing journey. Despite writing up to fifty stories with us each year, many writers struggle with publication and putting their writing out there for others to see. I realized it was time to evolve, to create a new place for writers. One that helps build the habit of submitting their work. With this desire, Passing Prompts was born.

Passing Prompts is intended to take writers to the next step in their journey to becoming authors. Through our Passing Prompts & Short Stories Contest, writers will have the opportunity to create original stories with our collectively created prompts each week and submit their work that week. Helping writers build the habit of submitting their stories regularly not only increases their chances of publication, but also ensures that they are continually writing and growing as authors.


 Samantha Marquis

 Founder, Passing Prompts

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