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Passing Prompts is a weekly collaborative writing experience with the goal of helping you nurture a habit of writing regularly, while simultaneously building the habit of submitting your work for publication. You need to be a member to view weekly prompts and submit stories to our weekly short story contest, so join now!

Author Tier membership is $5.99/mo* and includes the following benefits:

  • Submit prompt suggestions to be considered for future contests
  • Receive weekly prompts by email in advance of their posting on the website
  • Two FREE story submissions each month**
  • Receive submission reminders via email
  • Read winning stories on the website
  • Full access to our Writers Forums
  • And more to come…!

**Want to waive the reading fee and get UNLIMITED story submissions each month? Check out our Wordsmith Tier membership!

*Please note: our paid memberships are subscriptions that will automatically renew each month. You may cancel or downgrade any time prior to your renewal date, however subscription fees are non-refundable.

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